How it works

Based on face detection and analysis ‘Excire Search for Faces’ finds images that contain one, two or several faces. Further facial properties can be used for filtering such as, for example, to see only faces of people who smile. Excire Search also recognizes gender and age groups.

The Search for Faces dialog box can be accessed through the menu entry Library→Plug-in Extras→Excire Search, or by using the keyboard shortcuts ⌥⌘G (macOS) or Ctrl+Alt+G (Windows).

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Search for Faces will retrieve images that contain one, two or several frontal faces. If the number of faces does not matter, you should select the option ‘any.’ The ‘portrait’ option will find single, frame-filling frontal faces.


In addition, Excire distinguishes the following age categories: Baby/Toddler, Child, Teenager/Young Adult, Adult and Elderly. Multiple choices are possible.


The attributes ‘gender’ and/or ‘smiling’ are implemented with sliders and are particularly useful for group photos (several faces). A slider at ‘Female’ position will return photos of women and a slider at ‘Male’ position, men. In-between slider positions will return mixtures of male and female faces.

The attribute ‘Smiling’ works similarly. Moving the slider to the right yields images that mainly contain persons who are smiling. “No smiling” persons can be found if you move the slider to the opposite direction.


Each search can be conducted either for the whole catalog or the current filmstrip.


The maximum number of result images is restricted to 5000, but please be aware the larger the number, the more time it will take to display the result. If you don’t need to store a search result, you should enable the override option. Otherwise, your previous Excire Search collections will all be stored and organized in a hierarchical structure.