Searching by keyword is a search for image content: you select a keyword, such as “beach”, and Excire Search will automatically and quickly generate a Lightroom collection with photos of beaches.

You can quickly refine the search by using the Excire similarity search, or by selecting a dominant color and further image properties. For example, by adding the properties “red” and “dark” to the keyword “beach” you will end up with all beaches at deep sunset. Since Excire Search automatically analyzes your images during initialization the beach photos can be found without having entered the beach keyword in the metadata or the Lightroom catalog.

To search by keyword, use the corresponding menu entry (Library→Plug-in Extras→Excire Search→Search by Keyword), or the shortcuts ⌥⌘C (macOS) or Ctrl+Alt+C (Windows). The dialogue that appears allows you to configure the search. You can search for images with content corresponding to a keyword from the Excire keyword list.

You can also specify whether you want to search for similar images in your entire catalog or just in the filmstrip. The maximum number of images that will be displayed in the resulting Excire Search Collection can also be changed. Furthermore, you can specify whether a former Excire Search result should be overwritten or kept as a collection.