How it works

The example search finds photos without using keywords. You simply select one or more reference photos that match your search intent, and Excire Search automatically and quickly creates a Lightroom collection of similar photos.

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After choosing one or more reference photos in our Lightroom catalog open the corresponding user dialog through selecting “Search by Example Photo” in the “Plug-in Extras” menu (Library→Plug-in Extras→Excire Search) or by using the following shortcuts: ⌥⇧⌘X (macOS) and Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X (Windows). The dialog allows for setting the following search-related parameters and options:


Search space: select if you want to search for similar images in your entire Lightroom catalog or only in your current filmstrip.


Maximum number of result images that should be shown: this parameter can be set in the range 1 to 5000. Typical values would be between 50 and 200.


Specify if you are looking for photos with similar content (option: photo content) or with similar colors (option: color).


If you want to keep a search result, disable the “overwrite previous results” flag. By default, the search collection will be overwritten.


To start the search, press the Start-button.

Search by Example with Previous Settings

To speed up the similarity search, our plug-in offers the option “Search by Example with Previous Settings,” which starts the similarity search with the previously chosen settings and without opening a user dialog box. In this mode, you select one or more reference photos from your Lightroom catalog and start the search with the shortcut ⌥⌘X (macOS) or Ctrl+Alt+X (Windows).

Search by External Example Photo

In this mode, Excire will search for similar photos in your catalog with a reference photo that is not in your catalog. To start the search, use the “Search by External Example Photo” menu entry (Library→Plug-in Extras→Excire Search) or the shortcut ⌥⌘X (macOS) and Alt+X (Windows).

In the dialog box, you may either specify the internet address of a reference photo or select an image from an internal (e.g., hard disk) or external device (e.g., USB memory stick).