How it works

The Excire Search Keyword Transfer allows for transferring Excire keywords to the Lightroom catalog either interactively, image by image, or in batch mode. Excire Search creates its own keyword hierarchy to not interfere with already existing Lightroom keywords. Once the keywords have been transferred, all the Lightroom filters and search functions can be used to work with the Excire keywords. Note that Keyword Transfer is only available in Excire Search Pro.

Note: Furthermore we recommend to backup the Lightroom catalog before transferring keywords in batch mode.

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Interactive Transfer

The interactive mode allows for semi-automatic tagging based on the keywords found by Excire Search.


With this option activated, the selected Excire Search keywords will be automatically transferred to the Lightroom catalog as you switch to the next photo. You need not hit the ‘Transfer’ button.


This field shows the keywords found by Excire Search. You may deselect keywords before transferring the remaining keywords to Lightroom. Manual transfer is accomplished by hitting the ‘Transfer’ button.


Here you can select and deselect the type of keywords to be transferred.


This field can be used to manually add keywords in the Lightroom format: the old-fashioned way.

For opening the user dialog use the corresponding menu entry ‘Transfer Keywords’ (Library→Plug-in Extras→Excire Search) or its shortcut ⌥⌘Y (macOS ) or Ctrl+Alt+Y (Windows).

Batch Transfer

The batch mode allows for a quick transfer of multiple keywords to multiple images.


Here you may select to transfer the keywords for all images in the catalog or only the images in the filmstrip.


The arrows can be used to deactivate keywords, i.e., to select keywords that will not be transferred in batch mode.


Activating this option will let you deactivate a complete keyword tree by just clicking on a parent node. For example, should you not be interested in animal keywords you select the ‘animal’ tag instead of having to choose all individual animal keywords.


If you select the ‘Restore manually deleted keywords’ option, keywords that have been deleted manually after a previous keyword batch transfer will be now restored. If you wish to protect the changes you made by manually deleting Excire keywords, you should deselect this option.

Excire will, by default, only assign a keyword to the first image in a stack. The option ‘Transfer tags to all photos in a stack’ will force the Keyword Transfer to assign the keywords to all images in the stack. Note this option is only visible, if the option ‘For stacks, only initialize the top photo’ is enabled in the Excire Search section of the Lightroom, plug-in manager.

For opening the user dialog use the corresponding menu entry ‘Transfer Keywords’ (Library→Plug-in Extras→Excire Search) or its shortcut ⌥⌘Y (macOS) or Ctrl+Alt+Y (Windows).