The function ‘Find similar photos’ function finds photos without using keywords. You simply select one reference photo that matches your search intent, and Excire Foto automatically and quickly creates a collection of similar photos. 

Selected photo, which serves as a basis for the similarity search.

Maximum number of results to be displayed: here you can set the number of results to a value between 10 and 5000. Usually 50 to 200 photos are sufficient. 

Define number of photos to be displayed and option to overwrite previous results

Define where to search: entire database or just current view, i.e., current folder or collection

In the preferences (ctrl+P on Windows or ⌥+P on macOS), you can specify under ‘Type of similarity search’ whether you want to search for photos with similar image content (option: content) or with similar colors (option: color).

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Excire Foto AI function: Find similar photos

Search with external photos

In this mode, Excire Foto searches for similar photos based on a photo that was not imported.

The corresponding user dialog can be called up in the menu at the top of the screen under Find → Find similar photos with external photo.

In the dialog you can either enter the URL address of an external sample photo, or simply select a photo from your local hard drive or another external device, such as a USB stick, memory card or similar.

Excire Foto AI function: Find similar photos with external photo