The ‘Find by keyword’ tool searches for image content: you select a keyword, such as ‘beach’, and Excire Foto will automatically and quickly generate a collection containing photos of beaches.

In addition, you can select a dominant color and further image properties for filtering. For example, by adding the properties ‘red’ and ‘dark’ to the keyword ‘beach’ your search will return all beaches at deep sunset.

Excire Foto automatically analyzes your images during initialization such that the beach photos can be found without having manually entered the ‘beach’ keyword in the metadata.

The dialogue allows you to configure the search. You can search for images with content corresponding to a keyword from the Excire keyword list.

You can also specify whether you want to search for similar images in your whole database or just in the current view. 

The maximum number of resulting images can also be specified. This may vary from 10 to 5.000 photos but we recommend a value between 50 and 200. You can also specify whether a previous search result should be overwritten or not.

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Excire Foto AI Function: Find by keyword

Text field for entering a keyword

Section to select pre-defined keywords

Selection of dominant colors 

Display of the selected keywords, which are combined by ‘AND’

Define number of photos to be displayed and option to overwrite previous results

Define where to search: entire database or just current view, i.e., current folder or collection