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Excire Search

The Excire Search software for Lightroom Classic CC is a high-performance search engine that runs locally on your computer and does not require any cloud services. After installing the software and initializing your Lightroom catalog, you are ready to perform some useful search tasks.

To search by example, you select one or more reference images, and Excire Search will then automatically and quickly generate a Lightroom collection with images similar to the selected reference images.

To search by keyword, you select a keyword, such as „dog,“ and Excire Search will then automatically and quickly generate a Lightroom collection with images of dogs. Excire Search provides 125 well-structured keywords that will help you sort your photos.

To search for faces, you start the intuitive face-analysis interface. Here you may choose between various options such as one, two, or more faces. You can then refine the choices by choosing age group (Baby/Toddler, Child, Teenager, Adult, Elderly) and gender (Female, Male). You can further constrain the search to find only faces of people who smile.

The above search functions can also be used in combination to narrow the search down to the desired photos quickly. Besides providing efficient search results, Excire Search will let you better interact with your images and have fun: many customers have reported the joy of finding photos they thought had been lost in the complexity of their Lightroom catalog.

Excire Search Pro

The Excire Search Pro version for Lightroom Classic CC provides all the features of Excire Search plus an expanded keyword transfer function, ideal for professional photographic applications.

The search by example and the Search for faces are identical in Excire Search and Excire Search Pro.

The search by keyword operationally is the same as Excire Search, but provides an extended set of approximately 500 keywords. While the 125 keywords are optimal for the average user, who wants to keep things simple, professional photographers and serious hobbyists work with larger catalogs and will benefit from more refined keywords.

The main difference between Excire Search and Excire Search Pro is the keyword-transfer function (formerly Excire Search TT): keywords automatically extracted by Excire can be transferred to the Lightroom catalog and then used in Lightroom as if they had been manually entered. The transfer can be done for single images or in batch mode.

Professional photographers and serious hobbyists will find the transfer feature very beneficial, for example – when submitting images for a specific topic to an agency, client, building slideshows or putting together an album, just to name a few applications.

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Which version should I take?

If you are a person who likes to keep things simple and if you don’t have customer orders for which image keywording is essential, then you should use Excire Search. A subsequent upgrade to Excire Search Pro is also easily possible.

If you are a professional or ambitious photographer with extensive photo collections, or if you need keywords outside of Lightroom, you should choose Excire Search Pro.

What do the first steps look like?

In order to start easily with Excire, we have created tutorials for you on the following topics:

  1. Installation
  2. Registration
  3. Initialization
  4. Settings

Additional information: