Marketing Your Business with Search Pro

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By Skip Cohen


Most artists know my passion is helping small business owners raise the bar on the quality of their business and marketing skills. And, while I don’t make a living as a professional photographer, I know more than I let on. I’ve been in this industry my entire adult life and couldn’t be more passionate about stunning images, creativity and social media, which has made the world a smaller place and allowed us to share photographs.


In NYC two weeks ago Excire won “Best Plug-in” for 2018 from the Lucie Foundation. We’ve already shared the announcement with you here on the website and our Facebook page, but here’s what that award represents. Search Pro isn’t just about being more efficient, but about helping you increase revenue and exposure. For example, I’ve written a lot about Throwback Thursday posts. It’s one of the very best ways to plant the seeds for portraiture with the readers of your blog. Use throwback images to make a point with your clients.


For most of you, if you’re a working photographer, your target audience is “Mom.” That’s because women make 98% of the purchase decisions to hire a professional photographer, and most of the time that means Mom! Now, let’s take it one step further – every Thursday you’ve got a chance to theme your images and share a Throwback Thursday post. But, how are you going to find the best images to make the point? One of my favorites, as a marketing tool, is to remind Mom how much the kids are growing and changing. Time never slows down and you can make a point with your images to share the best of your own family.


Even better, build a stash of blog posts, just for Throwback Thursday. Come up with ideas for different themed posts turning back the clock. This time of year use Excire to find images of past family gatherings, holidays and fall/winter events. Think through things happening throughout the year – even at vacation time, search old pictures and stay with a theme.


Suzette Allen shared a video here on the blog a couple of months ago when she was looking for beach photos. Well, leading up to the spring/summer start, plant the seed searching for images from past vacations.



And, if you’re sharing content to help your readers become better photographers, then use Search Pro to find the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Position yourself as a leader in photography in your community and use Excire to help you demonstrate each point you want to make!