How To Find and Keyword Photos In Lightroom – Excire Search Review by Scott Wyden Kivowitz

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Intro by Chamira Young


In this video review, Scott Wyden Kivowitz shows you how to find and keyword photos in Lightroom Classic CC using Excire Search. Check it out for the some great practical tips on how to get the most out of Excire Search and save yourself the headache of losing images! Scott highlights that while he’s often skeptical of artificial intelligence, he admits he enjoys using it for search capability and image tagging in this case. I love how he explains some of the nuts and bolts behind this popular plugin to demonstrate how it works so well. As you watch the video, think of the many possible ways you can use it for your photos!


How To Find Photos In Lightroom – How To Keyword Photos in Lightroom


By Scott Wyden Kivowitz