How to Become Your Own Stock House

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By Skip Cohen


One of the fundamental rules in social media is never to share a post or tweet without a photograph. Photographs draw people into whatever you’re sharing, and the images you use don’t have to be directly related to the topic of the post or tweet.


Well, here’s another great little benefit of Excire Search Pro. Once you’ve initialized your own images, you essentially become your own stock house! Searching your archived photographs with the help of almost 600 keywords to draw from, you can choose images to share that tie directly to whatever point you might be making in a post, or just sharing your expertise and creativity as an artist.


Great for Blog Content


Your website is about what you sell, but your blog is about what’s in your heart. And, if you’re not blogging consistently at least twice each week, then you’re missing an opportunity to utilize one of your strongest marketing tools – your blog.


One of the primary ways to build strength with your readership is to provide useful content. So, position yourself as the photography expert in your community. Build a stash of short posts that help your readers take better pictures. Then, once a week, draw from your supply of pre-written posts to help stay consistent. Yes, it’s really that basic.



Use Excire Search Pro to search for relevant images to tie in with a different picture-taking tip each week. Again, you’ll be operating with the efficiency of a stock house as you search for images of people, sunsets, landscapes, etc. all helping to make your points about composition, exposure, lighting, posing and the list goes on and on!