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Getting Ready for 2019 – It’s All in the Planning

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By Chamira Young


As an impatient kid growing up in a society of instant gratification, it seemed like Christmas and the New Year always took forever to arrive. I remember counting down the days and swearing time would literally slow down leading up to each holiday season.


Fast forward to today, and now that I’m a grown business owner, it’s exactly the opposite. The old adage “time flies” is more and more accurate as each year literally seems to fly past me. One thing I’ve learned is it’s especially important to prepare for the upcoming year in advance. The key is to constantly be ahead of the game in order to create your future, as opposed to simply reacting to events as they happen.


In this post, I want to share some timely, straightforward planning tips for 2019 that you can implement into your business.


It’s the Perfect Time to Create (or Revamp!) Your Marketing Video


There’s something especially powerful about a well-done video, and studies show people consume this medium more than ever. In terms of your photography business, a marketing video is the perfect opportunity for viewers to experience the magic of YOU, along with a sneak peek of the experience you can create for them if they work with you. That’s why it’s the perfect time to create a short marketing video for your business.


As far as parameters go, it’s only limited by your imagination. However, lest you become intimidated by the task, keep in mind it doesn’t have to be long, especially with viewer’s attention spans being shorter than ever. Even a couple of minutes of well-created content is powerful. As far as what to include in the video, here are some ideas:


  • You discussing your personal passion behind why you became a photographer
  • Behind the scenes footage of you working with an actual client during a photo session
  • Your clients giving a testimonial of their experience working with you
  • Before and after photos of your work, showing the post-processing magic touch you put on your images
  • A reel of your favorite images, with you describing the backstory behind them


By the way,   Excire Search is the perfect tool for locating your favorite images to include in your video. I know what it’s like to sit on thousands of images and lose track of them, so having a handy search plugin like Excire can cut down on hours (or in my case, days) of frustrated searching!



Get Ready for Upcoming Photography Conferences and Conventions


While it may seem like you have months and months to prepare for 2019’s upcoming conventions, now is actually the perfect time to be making your arrangements. WPPI, Imaging USA, and the PhotoPro Expo are just a few on a long list of great events that will be happening throughout the year. Book your flight tickets and hotel reservations now, especially for the events that are happening in the first quarter of 2019. Also, block out the days on your calendar you plan to be traveling, and be sure to include an extra day or two before and after the event to both prepare and recover.


Plan Your Promotions For the Year


I firmly believe the best time to brainstorm your upcoming promotions is now. This includes any specials you want to run and the deals you plan to offer to your clients. Ideas include Valentine’s Day specials, Senior High School specials, Anniversary specials, Fall sales, and holiday specials. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’ve heard of plenty of photographers making up their own specials for fun!


Hopefully this post got your creative juices flowing as you look ahead to the upcoming year. The sky is the limit in terms of what you decide to do, as well as the fun you have while doing it!