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Find Lost Images with Excire’s Search by Keyword Function

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I have a confession to make: sometimes I misplace images. As a professional photographer, I hate admitting it, but this does happen to me occasionally. Usually it’s with past vacation photos, and it happens right at that moment I decide I want to find a specific image to print for my home wall. There’s nothing more frustrating.


The problem is I tend to dump loads of photos into poorly named folders and then later on am too lazy to painstakingly search for the particular photo I need. It’s for this reason my ears perked up when I first heard about the search capabilities of Excire. I decided to give the software a try.


Searching for Photos by Keyword


After importing a bunch of photos into a Vacation Catalog in Lightroom, I went through the Excire initialization process. Then, I ultimately decided to conduct a search for some duck photos I had taken years ago. For the life of me, I’d been unable to find those images.


After the initialization process, Excire assigns each photo a keyword. Although you won’t see them immediately listed in the Keywording panel, Excire places the keywords into the Excire specific catalog.


So when you go to search for your newly initialized photos by keyword, they do come up. I went to Library >> Plugin Extras >> Search by Keyword.


In the menu that pops up, I simply typed in the word “duck” in the “Keyword quick search” box. Immediately, it returned 57 results.



The Search by Keyword Box


At the bottom of the Search by Keyword window, you can limit the maximum number of results that show up. Because the first batch of vacation photos I initialized was not huge, I had no need to change this option. Also, there’s an option called “Overwrite Previous Results”, which I left unchecked because I wanted to keep each of my Excire searches separate for organization purposes.


After clicking the “Start” button in the bottom right corner, a new collection set titled “Excire – Search by Keyword” was created for me in the Collections dropdown area, with the Collection named according to the date, time and keyword I searched for. When I selected my newly created collection, lo and behold there was row after row of the duck images I’d been looking for.


Ducks, ducks, ducks galore!




Moving forward, I’ll definitely be using the Search for Photos by Keyword function to methodically comb through and organize my vacation photos.


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