General information about installing Excire Search 2

The installation of Excire Search 2 works the same as with all previous versions. All you have to do is run the downloaded installer and follow the instructions.

After Lightroom Classic has been launched, new customers are asked whether they want to enter their license key or whether they want to test the version first. Afterwards, a Lightroom catalog must first be initialized.

Existing customers who have upgraded to Excire Search 2 and are already using a previous version of Excire Search will be prompted to enter their new license key when Lightroom Classic launches. After that, a step-by-step upgrade will begin, which is necessary because the structure of our Excire database has changed.

The Upgrade Steps in Detail

  • If users have already transferred Excire keywords to their Lightroom catalog and if an Excire keyword hierarchy exists, it must first be updated because some keywords have been renamed and the Excire keyword hierarchy has been restructured. Depending on the size of a Lightroom catalog and the number of keywords, this may take some time.

  • Now an existing Excire database is updated to the new format. The status can be seen in the status display (top left in Lightroom Classic). Again, the larger a catalog, the longer it will take.

  • Now the Excire Search database entries are updated so that the individual photos are analyzed step by step and new keywords are saved. If keywords have already been transferred for certain photos, this step will also be performed automatically for the new keywords. This update step can be interrupted and continued at any time. The latter is done using the normal initialization dialog. Even after canceling this step, existing customers always have a functional Excire database in which they can search. However, the new functions are only available for photos that have already been re-analyzed.

Additional Remarks

We recommend existing customers who have a smaller Lightroom catalog (< 100.000 photos) simply choose the option “Create new database” in step 3 and initialize the catalog overnight. The step-by-step update of the Excire database entries is intended primarily for users with very large catalogues whose initialization took several days.

Basically we recommend to activate the “Prefer Smart Previews” option in the section “Excire Search” of the additional module manager when using Smart Previews. As this shortens the loading times of the photos, the initialization of all photos is also significantly shortened.

Example calculation: A Lightroom catalog with about 30,000 photos and Smart Previews, both stored on a local SSD, needs only 1 hour 10min for initialization on a 2018 MacBook Pro (2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 incl. Turbo Boost up to 3.8 GHz and 16GB RAM). A catalog with 100.000 photos would be initialized in about 4 hours.