Excire Search 2

  • analyzes and organizes the photos
    in your Lightroom catalog
  • finds the photos you are looking for
  • reveals your hidden photo treasures

Now with an all novel, improved AI and a powerful feature set including a unique “Search for People” feature. When combined, the features yield a powerful search tool that you don’t want to miss.

This is new in version 2.0

  • Novel and unique “Search for People” feature
  • More and more relevant keywords due to a novel AI design
  • Novel technology for finding and analyzing faces
  • More powerful options for the keyword transfer
  • Fixing of minor bugs and various optimizations

The power of Excire Search 2

Search for People

Looking for photos showing a particular person? Use “Search for People” to find photos of that person in just a few seconds.

Search by Keyword

Want to find the photos from your last beach holiday with a few clicks? Just select the keyword “beach” in the “Search by Keyword” dialog box and start the search.

Search for Faces

Looking for smiling ladies or the football team of your kids? No problem, use “Search for Faces” to find them in a few seconds.

Search by Example

You are missing a proper keyword but you have a sample photo? Then simply use “Search by Example” to find photos with similar content.

Excire Search 2 FAQs

How do I install Excire Search 2?

The installation works as with Excire Search 1. Simply download the corresponding installation file for Windows or macOS and execute it, or start the installation program in the corresponding DMG file.

Do I need to reinitialize my Lightroom catalog?

Whenever we improve the Excire algorithms, the photos in the Lr catalogue have to be analyzed again. This is the only way we can let you benefit from novel features and improvements.

However, we have now developed a migration procedure such that you always have an Excire Search system ready to use: your photos are analyzed in the background and the database is update incrementally.

Migration is especially useful for users who have large Lightroom catalogs (more than about 100.000 photos) for which initialization may take several days. Please visit this webpage for more information on how to upgrade to Excire Search 2

What happens when I upgrade to Excire Search 2?
On this webpage you will find detailed information on how to upgrade to Excire Search 2
Can I interrupt the re-initialization?

You can interrupt the re-initialization and continue at any time.

Is there a user manual?

There is no user manual, but we provide numerous tutorials on our website. You can also find helpful information about Excire Search in our forum.

We are pleased with the integration of Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit (VNNI) inside Excire Search 1.4.
Excire develops AI based software for fast image recognition content, now powered by the new OpenVINO™ toolkit, which is capable of delivering impressive computing and graphics performance, allowing Excire’s for fast image Initialisation. Search is based on keywords, images examples, gender recognition, age, or facial expressions.

Morris Beton VP Developer Relations at Intel

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