Excire Foto as your main photo management app

Managing your photos with Excire Foto is efficient, safe, and fun. This is why we recommend using Excire Foto as your main photo management app. Depending on your camera and further preferences, you can then use your favorite program to edit photos. To do so, just use the ‘Open with’ function

We recommend the following additional programs for development and editing: Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Phase One Capture One, DxO Photolab, Serif Affinity Photo, Skylum Luminar 4.

Symbolizes the workflow with Excire Foto as main program.
Illustrates the workflow when Excire Foto is used for keywording.

Excire Foto for keywording

A minimalistic workflow: Excire Foto is used to compute keywords for all photos and transfer them to the respective photo or branch/XMP files.

Excire keywords then become available in the spotlight search of your file browser in Windows or macOS, as well as other applications such as Lightroom. The keywords are also of great help when sending your photos to an agency.

Excire Foto for keywording and culling

In addition to keywording, Excire Foto can be used to rate and cull images. Common stars, flags and colors are available for this purpose, making a selection of relevant photos easy and fast.

Specific content recognized by Excire Foto, such as ‘eyes closed’ and ‘smile’, can further support culling. In the near future, Excire  Foto will offer a whole range of additional tools for culling, such as intelligent focus control and motive clustering.

Illustrates the workflow when Excire Photo is used for keywording and photo selection.
Symbolizes the workflow when Excire Photo is used in duo with Lightroom or Caputre One

Excire Foto with Lightroom or Capture One

Using Excire Foto in combination with Lightroom or Capture One in parallel makes a lot of sense. With this workflow, you would use Excire  Foto to make an initial selection and rating of photos and then edit your selection in Lightroom or Capture One.

Ways to do it:

  1. Use Excire Foto to cull your photos and save the selection in a user defined collection. Then export this collection and import the corresponding directory into Lightroom Classic or Capture One, where you can continue your workflow.

  2. Use Excire Foto to cull and rate photos. Save keywords and ratings in the photos or in the corresponding XMP files. When you import the photos into Lightroom Classic or Capture One, the stars and keywords will be available there.

Alternatively you can use Lightroom Classic with the Excire Search plugin. With this workflow Capture One users finally have access to the Excire technology.