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Excire Foto has arrived!

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Dear Excire community,

after intensive work we are very happy to release Excire Foto today. The powerful stand-alone app for managing your photos.

Using advanced image and face recognition, Excire Foto automatically analyzes and tags your photos.

Whether you are looking for photos from a beach holiday or a family celebration, the Excire AI finds them in a flash and reveals hidden treasures. This makes your photos more valuable.

Via a connection to Dropbox and Google Drive photos can be easily shared online. The keywords can be exported and used for other purposes.

Using Excire Foto is not only fun, but also saves time, which can now be used for the creative aspects of photography.

Unlike Google, Apple and Adobe, you don’t have to upload your photos to a cloud. Excire Foto works locally on your computer.

Excire Foto is available for MacOS X (version 10.14 or later) and Windows 10 (64-bit) in the Excire Online Shop at a four-week introductory price of 49 euros.

The regular price is 69,- Euro. A 30-day trial version with unlimited functionality is available for free download.

Best regards,
Your Excire Team