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Don’t Let the Holidays Pass You By!

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By Skip Cohen


November is almost over, but there’s still time to take advantage of one of the best marketing tools you have as a photographer – your holiday card. While many of you are not fulltime professional photographers, that doesn’t change your passion for the craft or your ability to create a personalized holiday message using one of your photographs.


As a professional, there’s an opportunity with every customer contact to remind your audience you’re a photographer. And, as a serious hobbyist, your personalized holiday card gives you a chance to show your work and pride in your growing skillset.


No photographer should ever be sending store-bought holiday cards. So, why not create your own card this year?


As an artist, why would you show somebody else’s work?


So, there’s still time to put your own card together for this year’s holiday season. Here’s what you want your holiday card to include:


  • Your image is on the front of the card.
  • Inside the card is a holiday-themed message.
  • On the back, right where the “Hallmark” logo would be, is the name of your business or your name, your email address and a phone number, or as a hobbyist, a link to your website where your friends can see more of your images.
  • For those special people on your holiday card list, take the time to include something more personal with a hand-written comment as well.


Using Excire Search and Search Pro


While using some of your best images are probably pretty easy for you to find, Excire will give you the ability to search by keywords and combine color tones, various locations, etc. You can operate as your own stock-house, searching for images that best match your artistic vision for the finished card.



Most important of all, a holiday card is an opportunity for you to share the pride you have in being a photographer and at the same time send a unique holiday wish to friends and clients.