Black Friday Specials: Thanksgiving Day to November 24, 2018

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Black Friday is fast approaching. The excitement kicks off on Thanksgiving Day at 6:00 PM EST and ends at 6:00 AM EST on November 24. It’s an unprecedented offer giving you the power of Excire Search Pro at $55 and Excire Search at $33. Here’s your chance to bring Excire’s incredible AI technology to your Lightroom Classic CC catalogs at an outstanding price.


And, just to help you better understand the benefit of Excire from some of the most respected artists in the industry, we thought it would be fun to share their videos all in one location here today. If you haven’t checked out Search Pro and Search, they’re both just a click away.


Mark your calendar for Thanksgiving Day and then have some fun finding so many images you forgot about!


See It in Action! Our Excire Review Videos at a Glance


Excire Search, by Suzette Allen




Excire Search Questions and Answers, by Anthony Morganti




Excire Search – A Real World Example, by Anthony Morganti




How To Find Photos In Lightroom – How To Keyword Photos in Lightroom, by Scott Wyden Kivowitz




Artificial Intelligence in Lightroom with Excire, by Tony and Chelsea Northrup