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A Miracle Solution to a Continuously Frustrating Photo Predicament

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I’m super excited to talk about one of the most impressive pieces of software I’ve ever seen. Excire is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) program that works with Lightroom to find images across your entire catalog. If you’re like me and have hundreds of thousand photos, most without keywords, it’s a miracle solution to a continuously frustrating predicament. I don’t understand the AI stuff that’s working under the hood, but I don’t care either, as long as it works. And believe me, Excire works like greased lighting!


At first, I was skeptical. How could I search for images that have no keywords? How could I find portraits of people in hats from years ago for a new project?





So I tried. Excire located the photos in a fraction of a second. All I did was choose “headgear” from their keywords search and view 100 then BANG, 100 pictures with someone wearing a hat appeared instantly. After seeing the images Excire selected, it took almost no time to refine the selects I wanted for my project.





With pictures going back decades, I have hundreds of thousands of photos I can draw from but until now, locating older images of any given topic was a chore. Now, I can search my all my work effortlessly. Excire has suddenly become an indispensable tool in my total digital asset management and retrieval system.



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