Excire Foto is a powerful app designed for easy photo management and quick content-based browsing. Numerous smart features help you get organized and find the photos you are looking for.

Using Excire Foto is not only fun, but also saves you time that can be better spent on creative photography.

Excire Foto Features

Clever thanks to AI

Using advanced image and face-recognition technology, Excire Foto automatically analyses and tags your photos. Looking for photos from a beach holiday or a family celebration? The Excire AI will find them for you in seconds and will uncover all your hidden photo treasures.

Intuitive and fun to use

Intelligent content-based navigation is combined with super fast image display to provide efficiency and fun. Simple, intuitive, powerful: with Excire Foto you will experience a completely new way of interacting with your photos.

Quick search

You search, Excire Foto finds! With just a few clicks you can find the photos you are looking for faster than ever before!

Use your keywords everywhere

Transfer the Excire Foto keywords to photo or XMP files and benefit from the power of the Excire AI across various applications. Excire keywords become available in the spotlight search of your file browser and other applications such as Lightroom.

Simple sharing

Share your best moments with family and friends. Excire Foto can connect to your Dropbox and Google Drive, enabling sharing in just a few seconds.

Secure and privacy aware

The security of your photos is important to us: the Excire AI runs locally on your computer and photos are not uploaded to the cloud for analysis!

Use cases & workflows

Revive memories

Our memories determine who we are. Photos can revive our memories, given we can actually find the right photos. Let Excire Foto do the hard work of finding them for you!

Create a photo book

Using intelligent navigation, the photos needed to make a vacation unforgettable can be found quickly.

Get organized

Feeling overwhelmed? Too many photos? Get organized and cull them! Closed eyes or a missing smile – let Excire Foto find the rejects.

Share moments

Do you remember that magic moment: you and your girlfriend, both happy and smiling, sunset at the beach? With Excire Foto you can find such moments in seconds and share them easily.

Excire Foto can be used in many ways!

Excire Foto FAQs

How do I install Excire Foto?

Once you have downloaded our software, you will need to install Excire Foto on your computer. Under macOS, please unzip the appropriate ZIP file and mount the appropriate disk image (DMG file).

Now you only have to start our installation program, which will guide you through the installation step by step. Windows users only need to start the downloaded executable file (*.exe) and follow the installation instructions.

Is there a user manual for Excire Foto?

Yes, there is a user manual which you can find here. And on our tutorial page many useful numerous tutorials and explanations are available.

What image formats does Excire Foto support?

We support the following image formats: .3fr, .arw, .cr2, .cr3 (only Mac and with macOS 10.15), .crw, .dcr, .dng, .erf, .gpr, .iiq, .kdc, .mef, .mos, .mrw, .nef, .nrw, .orf, .pef, .ppm, .raf, .raw, .rw2, .sr2, .srf, .srw, .x3f, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .png, .pgm, .tif, .tiff

Please note that some compressed variants of these formats are available from us or are not supported by us or the libraries we use. Therefore we recommend to test Excire Foto with your own photos before buying.

We recommend Windows users to install the Microsoft Raw image extension: Download

Do I receive regular updates?

In the future you will receive normal updates like bug fixes or smaller improvements free of charge. Only upgrades, i.e. major improvements and significant innovations, are subject to a charge. However, existing customers will always have a significant discount when purchasing such upgrades.

What further developments are planned for Excire Foto?

We will continue to develop Excire Foto. This includes functions that allow the management and support selection of photos and also the extension and improvement of the image analysis. There are also simple functions for image editing and enhancement planned.

Can I train the Excire AI myself?

Unfortunately this is not possible. But this is not due to Excire Foto, but much more to the methods that are currently used for image analysis. These methods were developed with several million photos trained on special hardware.

All this happens in one complex Offline process, which takes several days. Only in this way can the maximum detection performance, whereby we would like to point out that our solution is a compromise between best detection performance and minimum runtime is because our software does not run in a cloud, but on customer computers.

Unfortunately, such procedures cannot be trained with just a few examples, or if this happens the detection performance is (often) unacceptable.

Where can I get help in case of a fault?

If you need help, just have a look at our forum or send a mail to support[at]excire.com. With Excire Foto you can also send us a bug report.

Will my photos be loaded into a cloud for analysis?

No. Data protection is important to us, therefore our AI analyses your photos on your computer. We do not use a cloud solution.